Alan & Amber

Somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9 my mother worked in the travel agency with Amber - I can barley remember meeting her. When I was 21, Amber managed a retail store and hired me to work with her as a sales associate. 5 years later she hired me to photograph a "mommy and me" set with her son and 5 years after that, I received a Facebook message, Amber asks: "Hey do you have September 24th open for A wedding?". . . not "my" but A wedding - and take it, not long before that; she had mentioned to me that she may be venturing into wedding planning, so I assumed she was inquiring for a new client. I was so excited after I soon asked if she were getting married and got a "yes".  I wish I had a funny ending to our convo, but the real story worth telling is that Amber has actually known me since I was a little boy. As far back as I can remember, she has always had a very kind heart, and has helped me though the years. I'm not sure what she has seen in me but the amount of support I've received from her has truly been a gift and I feel very fortunate to have Amber, and now Alan in my life. When she told me that I was purposely her only candidate to photograph their wedding, I was flattered, and honored.. Not only to be a part of, but to capture such a beautiful day in celebration of Amber & Alans love. Congratulations to you both again and thank you so much for having me –

A huge thank you to my good friend Garrett Gorel for helping me shoot this day on very short notice, I couldn't have done it without you. 

September 24, 2017  Chino, California