I'm Greg Ontiveros of "Ontiveros".

These photographs are a result of falling in love with light and the magic it creates – when it graces faces, trees, buildings and textures.. the list is endless  As a kid, I was heavily introverted.  I usually had my head phones in, standing back, and in most situations I observed my surroundings as the music became my soundtrack while my love for light and movement grew deep. Photography has become much more than a job, a hobby, or even an outlet, it has helped me become more present and observant than I knew I could be It's become vital to my growth as an individual and keeps me mindful of whats in front of me 

Favorite artist:  Sigur Rós


I'm a father to my handsome son, Forest Elijah Ontiveros [9/2/2013]


I love what I do and I'm privileged to capture the magic that others create. Book a shoot and let me capture

the moments you'd love to look back on.







I believe in llove.

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